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Moustaches? Puppies? 

Those aren't fully formed questions, but let us try to help you out.

During the month of Movember, men around the world come together to grow their moustaches in order to raise funds and awareness for mens health issues, including prostate and testicular cancer research, as well as poor mental health and physical inactivity.

Team Moustache Gravy is a Vancouver-based group of guys that are dedicated to improving mens health. Since 2011, Team Moustache Gravy's annual Movember fundraising efforts have been anchored by the production of a moustache-themed calendar (check out some of our past work at the bottom of this page). The proceeds go directly towards research and initiatives to improve mens health, as well as awareness and education efforts.

But thats not all! This year we are ultra excited to team up with CAARE Rescue (of #uberpuppies fame). CAARE and their volunteers support incredible rescue and adoption efforts, and we are very pleased to donate a portion of the this year's proceeds to fund this work.

So what are you waiting for?!? Purchase your 2016 Moustache Calendar now! (buy one for a friend too)

For more information about Movember, or to make additional donations, please visit the Team Moustache Gravy page.

Shots from the 2016 "Men of Movember and their Furry Friends" calendar

Occasionally Asked Questions

Can I haz this calendar?

We like where your head is at! Click here to buy your copy.

How large is the 2016 Moustache + Puppies Calendar?

The calendar measures 11 inches across and 17 inches from top to bottom when hung on a wall.

Wow, that's the perfect size!

 We know.

I just ordered my calendar (soooo excited!!!). When can I expect delivery?

That really depends on where you live. In order to keep costs down for everyone, we are sending these out by snail mail. Generally speaking, we try to make sure that deliveries by mail go out within 48 hours of receiving the order. As to when it shows up in your mailbox? That's a question for the mailman, because we don't really know. A week? Sounds about right to us. Based on previous experience, shipping to our American and European friends can take a bit longer...

I want these puppies real bad! I'll do anything to get one!

That wasn't a real question, but if you were wondering how you can get one of these puppies, they are all spoken for. If you're serious about getting a dog though, visit CAARE Rescue to learn how you can begin the adoption process. 

I swear that I matched with one of these guys on Tinder... 

Were you asking a question? Its 2016, so anything is possible.

You say the cost of a calendar is $20. What if I want to give more?

Really!?! That would be the best! You can make additional donations on our Team Moustache Gravy Page on the Movember site. Or just buy more calendars...

Would this calendar make a good gift? 

Holy cow - this calendar is literally the most perfect gift ever created.

Need a stocking stuffer for your strange sibling? We've got you covered.

Need a gag-gift for that person in the office that laughs too loud? Look no further.

Have an audience with the pope and want to give him something thoughtful? Jackpot!

Your girlfriend giving you the gears because you've been dating for years and haven't proposed? 

You're on your own there pal.

Have you listened to Adele's new album?

No, but we're in love with 'Hello' - that album better come with some coupons for kleenex, amiright!?  Wait a sec, we're talking about our calendar! Get out of here with the Adele stuff!

My question isn't anywhere on this list. This OAQ is not very helpful at all. 

Really? Maybe you shouldn't hijack our OAQ talking about Adele (bless her tho)! If you still have a question or concern, please email us at and we'll get right on it!


— girls everywhere
This calendar is exactly what Canada needs right now.
— Justin Trudeau

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